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NEWSLETTER – Autumn – 1st Half Term 2018

The new pre-school year is about to start and we are delighted to welcome back the children from last term, as well as our new starters who will be joining us during the first week back. It is an exciting time at Pre-school with us opening 8.30-3.30 daily, which we hope will be of benefit to both Parents and Children, with greater flexibility being offered.

Catherine, Anne, Deborah, Sophia, Vonnie and Candida continue to work in a variety of sessions and will support children in their Key Person roles. Catherine and Anne will remain as Designated Safeguarding Leads, with Catherine and Deborah continuing as SENDCo’s for any children with additional needs. Session Leaders will be posted on the notice board.

Committee Volunteers – positions vacant

Harbury Pre-School, being a charity, relies on the support and efforts of its new members (parents).  Each academic year parent volunteers are asked to join our management committee. Please consider volunteering yourself for a position this term to help continue its essential work. Fund-raising organisers are also required to arrange events and/or to help access grant funding. Being ‘hands on’ and helping at events with other parents can be fun and rewarding. All voluntary contributions of skills, time and donations such as raffle prizes or cakes at events are both essential and very gratefully received. The more volunteers we have, the less work there is for everyone. Mum’s, Dad’s, Grandparents are all welcome.

We have several exciting events coming up that will only be successful if we can get the support of Parents. These include Speed Quiz part 2, Santa’s Grotto, Coffee Mornings and a Fashion Event. Our chairperson, Karena will be writing to all new parents and her letter will be found in your child’s drawer by the end of the first week. Please come and chat to Catherine or Anne for more details. Thank you.

Some learning opportunities during the first half term include:

All About Me – The children will be encouraged to develop a sense of self and independence in our “All about me” topic. We will look at our baby photos, create self-portraits and life size body paintings. We will talk about healthy eating at snack time and introduce hand washing and hygiene to the new children. Our role play area will follow the children’s interests to help to develop their imaginary play. We will learn some new songs to enjoy together and explore how we can change the sounds as we play musical instruments. We will explore our senses through messy play, play dough, sand and water play. We will also explore large movements through the use of our climbing frame, ride-on cars and bikes, and introduce our physical challenge activities.

Autumn – We will begin to talk about autumn and change ready for more learning on this after the half term.

We will take part in our Autumn Woodland Walk, where we will use our senses to explore the changing season. We will collect Autumn leaves, sticks and conkers to create our own collages, and use bark and leaves to make rubbings. We will also be enjoying stories such as “Leaf Man” and “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”

Travelling AnimalsDuring September and October, travelling animals and their diaries will be given to the children to take home by their key person.  The animals will spend about a week with each child in turn, and we look forward to hearing about their adventures when they return to Pre-School. A full explanation will accompany the diary.

After Half Term

DiwaliTowards the start of next half term, we will be talking about Diwali, the Indian Festival of Light. The children will be making diva lamps out of clay, making Rangoli patterns and the role play area will have a selection of Indian style clothing for the children to try on, as well as different types of utensils in the role play kitchen.

Bonfire Night:  We will create our own expressions and memories of bonfire night through glue, glitter and movement, and recreate our own bonfire night in the outside area.

Christmas:  Along with creating our own Christmas Home Corner, decorations and cards, the children will get the opportunity to be part of our Nativity Song time. This is a highlight of the Pre-School year, which is enjoyed by Parents and Grandparents. More information will follow.


Other General Information:

RewardsTo complement our range of very successful methods of rewarding children for their positive behaviour and achievements at Pre-School such as verbal praise, stickers, ‘pebble points’ and certificates we will soon be introducing a ‘wow wall’, more details to follow soon.

Tissues - This is the term for runny noses and we would be grateful if each family could provide a box of tissues, so that we can maintain a good supply.

T-Shirts - Pre-School activities are frequently messy, with paint, water, sand, felt pens, play dough etc all helping to create colourful, sticky patterns on hands, faces and, of course, clothing.  Aprons are worn by the children for these activities, however, we respectfully ask you to please avoid sending children to Pre-School in their best clothes as we cannot guarantee that they will still be clean by the end of the session! Extra Harbury Pre-School T-shirts and sweatshirts bearing our logo are available, please ask a member of staff for more information.

Footwear - Similarly, as the children love to play energetically outdoors and use the climbing equipment, please ensure that they wear suitable shoes for this kind of activity. Please avoid party shoes or loose-fitting shoes such as “crocs” which can cause a risk of injury.

Clothing Identification – It would be a great help if all clothing and top layers (jumpers, cardigans etc.) could be named to avoid confusion, please add first names (or initials) and surnames - fabric markers are great!  Please provide your child with waterproof and warm coats during cooler temperatures, as we try to get outside, no matter what the weather!  Coats, hats and gloves, again should be clearly labelled.

Parents’ Notice Board & AGM - Notices in the lobby are changed frequently, and worth having a look when you drop off or pick up your child so that nothing is missed. The Annual General Meeting for all parents and invited guests will be held later in the term, please look out for this important date, and put it aside in your diary.

ContactIf you need to let us know of an unplanned absence e.g. due to illness or lateness, please could you send a brief text to the Pre-School number: 07833 597973 as early as possible.  The phone is routinely checked during the initial registration period.  Ordinarily we do not automatically reply but please be assured that your message will be read.  Please only phone if absolutely necessary as the staff will be busy in session with the children.  For non-urgent enquiries, Catherine can be contacted by email Monday – Wednesday, however, we encourage you to talk to your child’s keyperson or any member of staff during drop off or collection for general issues.

Safeguarding: Our new parents will be asked to read our safeguarding policies and practices when their child starts at Pre-School. For every child’s safety may we remind all parents of our door safeguarding policy:-

  • Parents/carers sign children in on arrival and out on departure    
  • Only staff members open and close main door
  • Older siblings should not open any door unless with accompanying adult
  • Parents/carers ensure outer lobby door is closed after entering and leaving

Finally:  In addition to our main topics, we will be involved in many other activities, both indoors and outdoors.  As always, if you have queries about any aspect, please feel free to speak to Catherine, Anne, or any member of the team.

Contact Numbers - If you need to contact the Pre-School during session time, please call or text 07833 597973. For all other enquiries please contact Catherine Kilbey (Pre-School Manager) at or call 07907 598461 Monday – Wednesday mornings. 

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